Tai Chi Salute

In the traditional meaning of the tai chi salute we find the principles that support our intentions and practice. The right fist touches the open palm of the left hand with thumbs folded in. This signifies the connection between martial art and culture, the restraint of self and acceptance of principles in service of the overall good. The arms are held in a circle at shoulder height, as if holding the whole world. The six virtues stated below represent the five fingers and palm of the left hand.

Kindness: The relationship between teacher and student is based in love and harmony expressed by respect, loyalty, sincerity, and commitment to learning. The Center functions as a family in which senior students are given the respect of older brothers and sisters, and new students are guided and encouraged as younger brothers and sisters. Loving kindness allows all to learn and practice harmoniously.

Righteousness: Each student cultivates discernment of what is right and fair. Commitment to righteousness makes each student responsible for considering actions carefully in advance then acting for the greatest good of all concerned.

Propriety: Good manners and respectful behavior support harmonious relations; when students practice modesty and humility, learning is easy and distractions are few.

Knowledge: Students cultivate wisdom through practice and study. Good judgment, responsibility, and integrity develop; confusion, anxiety, and distress fall away. Knowledge allows the heart and nature of each student to grow in understanding of what is good and useful for all.

Faith: As knowledge grows, the student understands how much more there is to learn and how much is fundamentally unknowable. Faith allows the student to accept what is not yet understood and be at peace with the learning process.

Courage: Through wisdom and experience cultivated in the Center for Harmony, each student can act in the world for the greatest good of all. Using courage, each student takes responsibility for acting according to these principles in all areas of life.

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